Tradesman Will Gladly Do Few Other Jobs For Free While He’s There


WATERFORD plumber Liam Rollins may have bills to pay, he may have a schedule to keep, and he may have several other customers waiting for him to arrive, but his current client has asked him to bleed her radiators ‘while he’s there’ and there’s not really much chance he’s going to pass up an opportunity like that.

Currently in Sheila O’Harris’s house doing a syphon change on her upstairs bathroom toilet as scheduled and agreed upon, Rollins had intended to get the fairly quick and hassle-free job done and dusted in time to head to his other appointments, in order to do their jobs in exchange for money.

However, these plans were scuppered by Ms. O’Harris who asked him if he’d ‘bleed them radiators while he’s there, as it won’t take you long’, thus triggering the legally binding slave-labour contract that all tradespeople must abide by in Ireland.

“Bleeding and balancing a heating system is about an hour’s work and I normally charge about 50 quid for it, but seeing as I was on the premises when she asked me, I’m kinda fucked” sighed Rollins, in anticipation of all his other customers giving him a bollocking for the rest of the day.

“By law, when a tradesman gets asked to do a job while at another job, he can’t turn round and say actually no, I’ve got a load of shit to do and you should have asked me in advance… you just have to do it. And as for asking for payment? Sure isn’t she paying me for the first job, why would I want money for the second one? What am I, a man with a family to feed? Come on now!”

UPDATE: Ms. O’Neill was not happy with the way Rollins did the free work around her house, and has told her friends to avoid him if they need anything done.