Rihanna’s Beauty & Murdering Tips Revealed!


The Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty founder spoke exclusively to WWN Beauty to give you, our readers, her coveted and amazing beauty and murder tips!

Natural or O.T.T it doesn’t matter

“Do what’s right for you, and don’t bow to the norm, if you wanna go big it’s gonna be lit,” Rihanna told us. So whether you want the natural look or you just want to go crazy with your eye shadow, it doesn’t matter. Just be yourself.

Place the corpse in acid

“They shit won’t come back on you if there’s no body” – Rihanna was pretty adamant that once you’ve murdered someone the next step should always be procuring a large vat of acid and dumping the body in it.

Let your personality shine!

“I always say when I use my Stunna Lip Paint, I always chose the colour that reflects my mood and my personality right there, right then” – the Work singer with great advice, don’t let trends dictate your make up and beauty choices. You do you.

No witnesses

“If you got accomplices looking like they’re gonna snitch, you’ve gotta do them in” – invaluable point from RiRi, if you committed murder with other people, and they’re thinking about going to the cops…they’ve gotta get got too.

Inclusion. Diversity.

“Inclusion and diversity is what I preach” – Rihanna could have been talking about either Fenty’s inclusion of all skin tones in their make up range or the fact that you should be open to the idea of killing all people, from all backgrounds and not just those close to you. Either way, great advice.

Preach Kween. Preach.