Local Man Knows How He Gets After A Few Pints


WATERFORD man Ian O’Cahill doesn’t need his wife Helen to remind him about ‘how he gets after a few pints’ every single time he leaves to go to the pub, because he knows how he gets after a few pints; he gets awesome.

“I’ve been drinking for 20 straight years” said O’Cahill, 32.

“I know how I get, I get to be great craic. Just a fucking great craic man altogether. One pint, two pints, three pints, and then it’s fun town for the rest of the night. Helen needs to dial down the solemn warnings every time I go to the pub or to a christening or whatever; honey, relax. I know exactly how the next half hour is going to go, and the rest I’ll just kind of make up”.

Speaking exclusively to WWN, Helen O’Cahill explained that when she’s reminding Ian about how he gets after a few pints, she’s not doing it in a ‘well done, Ian’ kind of way.

“I’m talking more about how he got after a few pints at my sister’s wedding, or how he got after a few pints at his Christmas work do, when he thumped his HR manager,” sighed Helen, keeping her phone on ‘ring’ just in case she has to go to the A&E again.

UPDATE: Ian has informed his friends in the pub about how he thinks his drinking is getting out of hand so he’ll just stick to the soft drinks tonight while almost keeping a straight face, then they all had a great laugh about it and hit the shorts straight away.