“Make America Great Again” Hats Double In Price Following Chinese Tariffs


THE FAMOUS red hats emboldened with the words ‘Make America Great Again’, so beloved by supporters of US President Donald Trump, have doubled in price after President Trump imposed import tariffs on goods made in China.

MAGA hats are just one of thousands of products to fall foul of a raft of levies imposed on Chinese goods which translates to over $200 billion in tariffs.

Part of burgeoning trade war with China, the tariffs were put in place by Trump in a bid to cut down on the amount of cheap and poorly made goods from China entering the US, meaning his signature MAGA hats were seriously hit.

“Thank God the tariffs weren’t imposed on a sliding scale of the worse and more cheaply made the product, the higher the punishment because boy oh boy those shitty hats would cost US customers billions,” explained one trade expert

Doubling in price, the red hats now cost even more money for normal, everyday Americans who have no choice but to buy their MAGA hats from China, as the manufacturer of the hats, Trump, refuses to use American workers as it’s harder to exploit and underpay them.

Reacting to the news some MAGA hat consumers remained upbeat.

“Sure, I have to pay a lot more for the hats and other basics, and the company I work for will go under once China imposes its own tariffs in retaliation but this is what greating America again looks like,” explained one triumphant supporter.