Toddler Has Big Plans For Newly Painted Wall


A NEWLY decorated living room has presented a world of opportunities for Waterford toddler Millie Owens, who intends to add what she refers to as ‘finishing touches’ to the pristine new Warm White finish.

Millie, 2 and 3 months, has plans to add some decorative flourishes to the paint her mother, Joanne, spent four weeks picking, with the help of a permanent marker that her parents don’t even know she has, and will spend the next twelve months wondering where she got it from.

“The addition of an asymmetrical series of swirls and zig-zagged lines will add a certain oomph to the neutral appearance of the wall to the left of the fireplace,” mused Mille, measuring the canvas before her.

“My only concern is the fact that I can only decorate the bottom half of the room, as I’m only 21 inches tall. But I think if I make enough deep concentric circles of scribbles in enough places, it will make up for the rest. Now all I need is for my Mum to turn her back on my for less than a minute, and I should be able to get the entire room done with at least two coats”.

Ms. Owens has remained true to her word with what she is describing as ‘her masterpiece’, which included large daubs of blue ink on the family’s sofa for good measure.