Amazing! These Young People Actually Go Out For Fun


ALTHOUGH the vast majority of people know better than to venture into town and city centres after dark on the weekend, studies have shown that a large number of mostly younger people actually enjoy what they refer to as ‘nights out’.

With almost 100% of people aged 35 and over polled by WWN stating that they’d ‘rather be held down and battered’ than go to a nightclub or disco bar, an inverse number of people aged 18-35 stated emphatically that not only do they enjoy going to packed venues where they drink overpriced beverages, get shoved around all the time and can only be heard when roaring shouting, they actively look forward to the following weekend when they can do it all again.

Amazingly, it transpires that a huge number of these young people don’t go out at the weekend because they have some obligation such as a birthday, leaving-do, or friend who lives abroad but who’s just in town for the one night, but instead head out ‘just for the craic’.

“It appears that a lot of these young people go out willingly, of their own volition,” marveled Dr. Derek Barry, a 42-year-old statistician who hasn’t gone to a place that plays loud music in nearly 15 years.

“In fact, we talked to hundreds of young people who don’t actually plan where they’ll go or who they’ll meet. They simply go into town and whatever happens happens. Can you imagine such a thing? Personally, I try my best to never leave the house and if I do find myself with a social engagement that I can’t get out of, I make damn sure to have an exit strategy in place so I can head home before midnight”.

Data collected from the research suggests that young people begin to see the ‘error of their ways’ in their mid-to-late twenties, at which point they accept that there’s nothing better than a pizza on the sofa and bed before 11pm.