New ‘Late Late Late Late Show’ To Premier At 2.35am This Friday


IN A BID to gain the lion’s share of the audience struggling with insomnia and/or just coming home from being on the lash, RTÉ have announced a revamped Late Late Show which will premiere at 2.35am this Friday under the name The Late Late Late Late Show.

Lasting an unnecessary 4 hours and featuring your favourite mix of country music person, Fair City actor, and 3 rather depressing stories of people’s immeasurable suffering and pain, The Late Late Late Late Show is everything audiences have come to grow indifferent to in the original show, fronted by Ryan Tubridy, but catering to the under-served 2.35am TV viewers desperately craving sleep.

“TV3 tried something like this with Martin King a few years ago but it didn’t take off,” explained an RTÉ insider, “but in fairness they didn’t spend 3.4 million euro on a new studio set or nab a woman who claims to be communicating with Joe Duffy’s ghost even though he’s not dead as our first guest like we have, so I think we’ve learned from their mistakes”.

Early preview audiences who have viewed The Late Late Late Late Show have said the show is just the right mix of ‘what the fuck am I watching’.

“You know the way if you were sober you wouldn’t dream of watching it, but suddenly you’re burning toast, cleaning up a wine spillage and remarking sarcastically at the TV non stop after coming in from town or you’re just like ‘fuck it, who’s this lad being interviewed about door handles on TV, let’s give him a chance’ that’s the buzz,” one fan of the new show explained.