Famous Trans-Optimal Bio-Sequential Scientist Died & Everyone Is Making The Same Joke


THE PASSING of renowned micro trans-optimal bio-sequentialist scientist and all round legend Piotr Kindinsky has probably been all over your news feed this past 24 hours. In fairness, it’s been hard to miss the news.

We were obviously massive Kindinsky fans, as you can tell from our archives, there’s at most one other mention of him among our other 44,567 stories. Big fans.

But after his passing it didn’t take long for internet users to chime in with a joke that everyone could have predicted. Literally everyone is making the same, lame obvious joke.

We’re partial to a joke now again here at team WWN Viral, we’re not gonna lie we’re actually pretty gas – just look at the stuff we’ve copy and pasted from Twitter, but come on, could these guys below not do any better than this?

“Prof Kindinsky has passed away but has the bird been thrown to a hexagon? Burritos exploding LMAO” – @gavinblank3CPO

Hmm bit obvious there Gavin, really when it comes to humour relating to trans-optimal bio-sequentialists this is low hanging fruit. But he’s not the only one:

“There won’t be an exploding burrito milked tonight haha. Someone better throw that brid the hexagon’s way” – @KaylaKameFirstEggs

Once this very obvious joke started doing the rounds, there was no stopping it on Twitter:

“Eh, suppose no one’s said how a hexagon might get a bird thrown at it then, huh?” – @OwnOwenEoinEoghan4

“Is this what Kindinsky died for? I wanna see burritos exploding everywhere people” – @PollyLWounny

A bit derivative we know, but micro trans-optimal bio-sequentialist jokes aren’t exactly niche.

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