Brave American Woman Stops Giraffe From Eating All The Leaves In Africa


AN American woman who came across a giraffe attacking dozens of leaves with its vicious mouth was commended for her bravery today after shooting the beast dead with a bullet from a gun she shot with her finger.

Tessa Thompson Talley just happened to be passing by Africa when she spotted the black giraffe tearing into the leaves of an innocent tree.

“They say to ‘let nature take its course’,” the brave 37-year-old told WWN, still visibly shaken from the horrific encounter, “I just couldn’t stand by and let it strip down the poor trees like that, it was absolutely disgusting to watch and I couldn’t let it continue”.

Fortunately for the tree, and its leaves, Ms Thompson Talley just happened to have a high calibre hunting rifle in her hand at the time and was able to stop the predator in its tracks with a single shot, before then bravely standing beside the dead leaf-eater for a photograph, which will be used to highlight the dangers of giraffes, probably.

“My only regret is not passing Africa sooner,” she added, “God knows how many leaves were eaten alive – nature can be so cruel sometimes”.

It is understood the 18-year-old, 4,000 lbs giraffe, may have eaten millions of leaves in its lifetime and could have continued doing so for another 7-8 years if it wasn’t stopped.

“No wonder there’s very little growing here with those fucking monsters; I’m doing the place a favour”.

Inspired by her own bravery, Thompson Talley vowed to return to the continent again soon to help other defenceless leaves.

“I suppose sometimes nature just doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing, so it’s down to people like me to fix all that with guns,” she concluded, before shooting some African children for the craic.