Dublin Win Leinster Championzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


THE DUBLIN GAA team have clinched the Leinster Senior Football Championship title for the eighth year in a row, after a decisive victory over Laois at Croke Park yeste rda y at Crokk park wher decisive victory Leinster…

Sorry, just dozed off there for a second. Apologies.

Dublin cruised to victory over Laois with a 1-25 to ten points win in the blistering sunshine, which was warm and relaxing and made everyone just want to curl up and have a nice little sleep, just for a few minutes, just the old eyelids getting a bit heavy there, just maybe lets all just put our heads on our desks and take a quick nap okay?

Okay, right, get a coffee. Can we get some coffee over here please? Trying to write an article for Christ’s sake.

Right, just give us a second here. What were we saying?

Oh yeah.

The All-Ireland champs easily overpowered a plucky… wait, have we written that line before?

Check last year’s article for the day after the Leinster final, did we not write that exact line, about the All-Ireland champs easily overpowering their plucky opponents? We did? Christ, this is getting to be harder than maintain interest in a competition that has been hopelessly one-sided for nearly a decade.

D’you know what, search back and read the article we wrote last year. Change a few names and the score, and you’re basically there. Cruise to victory, opponents never got out of gear, Dubs maintains midfield dominance, unfortunate red card incident blah blah blah.

We’re going to have a little sleep under the desk here, to try and be a bit more alert and stay awake for when we have to write about the All-Ireland semi-final where the Dubs will go head to head with zzzzzz nope sorry didn’t make it.