Local Man Still Kinda Surprised When He Sees A Woman Drive A Bus


DESPITE being in awe of all Irish women following the gritty determination that secured a landslide victory in last week’s abortion referendum, Dublin man Declan Keeke still does a bit of a double-take when his bus pulls up and the doors swing open to reveal the driver is a female, WWN can exclusively report.

Frequent bus commuter Keeke, 36, claims to not have any doubts as to a woman’s ability to drive a bus with the exact same skill and diligence as a male bus driver, but confided in WWN that ‘it just catches him on the hop sometimes’.

The Phibsboro native went on to admit that this phenomenon is not limited to female bus drivers, adding that he also takes note anytime he sees a female electrician, a female taxi driver, a female architect, a female pushing ‘one of those jack-up pallet truck yokes’, or a female guard if she’s particularly good looking.

“The recent stomper of a referendum has shown up the deep-rooted character flaws in people like me who may have dismissed or doubted the abilities of women on a casual, almost imperceptible level of misogyny that is hard coded into the male DNA, to a degree that we don’t even know that we’re being offensive even though our first reaction when we see a woman driving a bus is ‘oh look, there’s a woman driving a bus’, as if it’s something revolutionary or weird,” said Keeke, holding up the fucking queue.

“If we’re even mildly surprised to see a woman doing a job that’s ‘outside the norm for women’, then it shows that on some level we believe that said job ‘isn’t for women’, or that the workplace in question ‘isn’t a place for a woman’… although our country has shown a huge amount of respect for women by turning out in record numbers to repeal the 8th amendment, we need to work on eradicating smaller, more everyday inequities in our society, inequities which if left unchecked can lead to a sinister undercurrent of toxic masculinity, misogyny and violence. Anyway, €2.85 into town there, please”.

Keeke took his seat while pledging to do better in life from now on, but soon lost his train of thought by wondering if he’d ever in his life seen a female butcher, not at a meat counter in a supermarket, but like an actual butcher in a butcher shop.