Basque Separatists Demand End To Bras


A BREAKAWAY group of lingerie radicals have issued a new call for the banning of bras, threatening to increase their guerrilla campaign if their demands for the basque top be made the undergarment of choice are not met.

The basque separatists issued the statement via social media earlier today, where it immediately triggered Facebook’s automatic boob detection algorithm and was promptly removed for the violation.

A less-risky post featuring less women in basques was released on social media, where it found it way onto the Twitter feed of local man Garreth McArdle, who mistook it for a post about the Spanish paramilitary group ETA and promptly scrolled straight past it.

“Yeah, I don’t really get the Basque separatists and their battle to free Spain from… the Spaniards? Or something? It’s just a bit much to be bothered with, if you ask me,” said McArdle, speaking exclusively to no-one in particular.

“Like, I have a pain in my hole keeping up with the real news, proper wars in the Middle East and shit like that… then I’m supposed to know about the Spanish IRA or whatever they’re supposed to be? What does ETA stand for anyways? Nah, there comes a time when you’ve enough news, there’s enough to worry about. But these other crowd that want women to wear figure-hugging lacy bodices instead of dour white bras from Penneys? Yeah, okay, I can get behind that”.

The Basque separatists have pledged to keep their campaign up until their country is free, although it is unclear whether this threat was made by the Spanish lads or the bra boys.