Man Sues Spotify After It Adds Justin Bieber To His Discover Weekly Playlist


AN IRISHMAN is to take a landmark case against music streaming service Spotify after its Discover Weekly Playlist feature, which suggests new music based on your streams and music library, added not one but two Justin Bieber songs.

Citing ‘undue audible harm’ and ‘psychological and emotional damage’ 28-year-old Cormac Lannings has said he is suing Spotify firstly for emotional distress and so that no one else will have to go through a similarly painful ordeal.

“They’re going to pay for this. Not only was I subjected, against my will, to that sniveling shite, but I consider it defamation and slander. What if one of 17 followers on Spotify saw Bieber in my Discover Weekly? They’d think I was some sort of music illiterate idiot,” Lannings said on the steps of a court in Sweden, the country where Spotify was founded.

It is not known if a glitch led to Bieber appearing on Lannings’ Discover Weekly playlist or whether the fact he was majorly into ‘Sorry’ by the Canadian singer for about a week in early 2016. Spotify is expected to make the argument in court that Bieber’s reputation as an artist as been steadily improving with each new release, however, a counter argument detailing how this is only true for people who have never been exposed to good music.

“I can’t be the only one who has had to suffer to most heinous aural attack, my ears were defenceless against that…that…fuckin’ awful tripe,” Lannings added, before breaking down in tears and into the arms of his lawyer, who thinks Lannings could be entitled to millions of euro in compensation.