Is Korean Peace Worth It If Trump Gets To Take Credit?


PEACE between North and South Korea has been set in motion by the extraordinary meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In as Kim confirmed a commitment to full denuclearisation of North Korea, prompting the question whether eliminating the risk of nuclear war is really worth it if US President Donald Trump can gloat and take credit on Twitter.

Is there a compelling case to be made for Western political forces to sabotage the nascent path to peace between North and South Korea because a narcissistic Trump will be insufferable? Many people seem to think so.

“I’m not saying the CIA or whatever should go about a clandestine operation which would totally fuck up attempts to achieve peace and safety for the people of both Koreas but I’m sorry, I’m not willing to listen to Trump demand a Nobel Peace Prize,” explained one irate opponent of Trump’s.

“If you’re asking me to accept stability and peace in that region but it will mean Trump will take all the credit and act like he’s a genius then no I’m sorry, I choose nuclear war and the death of millions,” added another reader of news, who has her priorities right.

The Korean peninsula could see both leaders sign a peace treaty which would bring an end to the Korean War, ushering in a new era of peace leading to a harmony never before viewed as possible. However, this could mean the erratic, babbling orange buffoon known as Donald Trump would say it was all because of him.

“Yeah, no. That’s a hard no from me, so if we can like organise a false flag attack on South Korea or something so they go back to being enemies. I feel just sick at the thought Trump will demand praise in the long run. Far more sick than if innocent Koreans north and south die, or starve or families remain separated by a border,” explained one person who took a measured approach to the news.