Mother’s Chips Found To Be Vastly Inferior To Chipper


DESPITE her insistence that she possessed the capabilities and the ingredients to make chips at home which would equal if not surpass the chips that come from the local chip shop, Waterford mother Una Donahan’s web of deceit is rapidly unraveling as her family sit down for dinner.

The Donahan family had been looking forward to a traditional Friday night takeaway from Luigiani’s up the road, before mum-of-three Una announced that due to a shortage of funds, she would be cooking instead.

However, this disappointment was tempered by a promise that her chips would be ‘even better than the chipper’, a promise that Una is failing to deliver on.

“I wanted chicken nuggies and chips, but I got chips and a slice of ham,” sighed 7-year-old Dee Donahan.

“My chips just tasted like the ordinary chips she normally makes, nothing special about them at all. I’m only small, but what I think is happening here is that Mam told us she’d make us chipper-quality chips so that we’d stop bugging her to get us chips from the shop, and then she just went ahead and made us the dinner she was going to make for us in the first place. There’s nothing chipper-ish about these at all. Truly this day, I am no longer a child. I see the veil of lies that our parents drape over us at all times”.

The Donahan kids have agreed to eat their chips this time, but “will not be fooled again”.