“Didn’t Vote” Side Set For Landslide Victory In 8th Referendum


THE latest figures show that while the upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment is still pretty even between the pro-life and pro-choice sides, the ‘didn’t vote’ side is pulling ahead, and is set to score a landslide victory when Ireland goes to the polls in May.

Of the people surveyed, 26% were in favour of retaining the 8th, with 28% stating that they were firmly in the ‘repeal’ camp, with the remaining 46% made up of those who ‘probably won’t bother voting’, and people who ‘have a pain in their hole listening about it’.

Other voters have stated that they’re unsure as to whether or not they should vote on the eighth as ‘it doesn’t directly affect them’, with many more adding that their vote was unnecessary as it looks like their preferred side ‘has it in the bag’.

“We see numbers like this on pretty much every vote put to the Irish people,” said Michael Felton, chief statistician at Green D Polling.

“But it really looks like the ‘didn’t vote’ side are going to run away with it this year. Not only is this issue highly divisive, it’s also ripe with excuses for people to not take an hour out of their day to help decide the future of this country”.

These numbers fail to take into account the number of people who think they’re registered to vote but haven’t bothered to check yet, which may see the number of non-voters spike even further on polling.