Ronaldo Survives Horror Fall


THOUGHTS and prayers were sent in the direction of Real Madrid striker Christiano Ronaldo, amid fears that he may be ‘shatered to pieces’ after his reckless overhead goal against Juventus in the Champions League last night.

Portuguese superstar Ronaldo is known to suffer from a rare brittle-limb condition which has lead to hundreds of instances where the 33-year-old has collapsed in agony during matches, usually when an opposing player brushes up against him in the penalty box area.

Although even the slightest touch has lead to Ronaldo rolling around as if he had been shot in the past, last night the fragile footballer took it upon himself to pull off a highly dangerous overhead crescent kick that helped his team win 3-0 in their quarter-final clash, but experts are today wondering at what cost.

“Ronaldo landed from a height, directly onto his neck and head… for someone so brittle, this could have been fatal,” said a concerned Real Madrid physiotherapist, re-watching the grisly clip.

“We’ve seen him stay on the grass for up to five minutes after a light tackle, but he’s right back up on his feet after crashing to the ground surely just acting on pure adrenaline, unaware of the fact that he most certainly has multiple broken bones, concussions and internal bleeding. After the match, we rushed him straight to hospital for an MRI to see what all he had broken… fingers crossed he’ll pull through”.

Help for the player would have arrived sooner, but emergency services were tending to the thousands of fans whose jaws had hit the floor at the time.