Floods Of People Donate Their 2 Cents To The Rape Crisis Centre


WWN has learned of a significant number of people donating their two cents to rape crisis charities, with the majority adding an additional 5, 10, 15 or 20 euro on top of that.

Residents of Dublin and Leinster have taken to hurriedly clicking HERE without so much as a second thought in order to donate their two cents to a charity that deals with helping victims of rape and sexual violence.

People living in the Connacht area frantically typed away at their phone keys and donated their two cents HERE, while residents of Munster furiously shared their two cents HERE.

After clicking the respective donate buttons, many people giving their two cents learned that fewer than 32% of survivors of sexual violence report crimes to the Gardaí and that the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland can no longer publish up to date stats due to funding cuts from the government. However, latest figures available reveal 85% of people who commit sexual assaults are known to their victims.

Those resident in Northern Ireland were especially keen to share their two cents with anyone by clicking HERE.

Not content with just giving their two cents to rape charities, a number of people shared their two cents with their local TDs about the importance of restoring or increasing funding to these charities and the need to pass the Domestic Violence legislation as soon as is possible all by clicking HERE.