Leader Of Downtrodden People Meets Native American Chief


THE chief of a put-upon, much maligned people has met with the leader of a Native American tribe during his first visit to America as part of the traditional St. Patrick’s Day visit by the Taoiseach of Ireland.

Leo Varadkar, leader of the noble but impoverished Irish population, met Gary Batton of the Choctaw tribe in Austin, Texas as he began his ten-day visit to the United States, which will include a visit with president Donald Trump and 7, maybe 8 days of ‘bants and lols’.

With a long history of having their land stolen by an invading force, the Irish people have often turned to the Native Americans for some cheerful stories, with the Choctaw chief assuring Varadkar that things may look bleak at the moment, but one day Ireland will be able to return to its former glory, as long as they don’t do anything stupid like send an elected politician on a 200k salary on annual photo op trips paid for by the taxpayer.

“There’s an old Indian saying ‘he who makes the same mistakes as those who came before him is destined to end up just like they did'” said Varadkar, delighted to be in the United States for the first time as Taoiseach.

“I’m not sure what it means though. Anyways, can’t talk, I have to go and glad-hand a bunch of wealthy and influential people, talk up the hometown, keep the Americans sweet. I’m not wild about meeting Trump and Pence because of their ultra-conservative views, but I can’t be the first Taoiseach to piss off the yanks by not coming over for Paddy’s day. Talk soon, I think I just spotted the guy who played the dad on Modern Family”.

The Taoiseach’s trip will continue for the next 10 days, during which time nobody will pronounce Taoiseach correctly.