Local Man’s Passport Photo Constant Reminder Of Decade Of Self-Abuse


WATERFORD native Sean Herrity is considering  staying at home this summer instead of going on holidays, in a bid to avoid looking at his youthful passport photo, a painful reminder of what 9 straight years of being a mad bastard can do to someone.

Herrity, 27, has had the same passport photo since 2011 and vividly remembers the day he had it taken, a day when he was full of youthful smiles and promise, a day that seems like it was an entire lifetime ago.

Needing the passport to go on holidays to Majorca for a fortnight with the lads that year, Herrity see’s that very holiday as the ‘beginning of the end’ for his youth, and these days cannot bear to look at the cherubic face smiling out from the ‘burgundy folder of wasted potential’.

“I look like I’m fucking eight in this thing,” said Herrity, who is counting the days until he needs a new passport with a ‘more accurate’ photo.

“To think, I could still look like that if I hadn’t spent the past decade drinking the face off myself every weekend, smoking like a chimney and doing every drug I could lay my hands on. Look at that angelic faced kid in the picture… he doesn’t even have a scar on his eyebrow from where some Welsh lad head-butted him after a rugby game”.

Herrity has considered binning his passport and getting a new one, but has balked at the thoughts of having paid for a ten year passport and not getting his money’s worth.