Coworker Talking About Win Against Wales Like He Was On The Pitch


DESPITE stating on several occasions that you really have to get back to doing some work, one coworker is still excitedly talking about Ireland’s thrilling victory against Wales in the 6 Nations as if he played a crucial part in it.

Making wild and uncoordinated hand gestures in an effort to mimic various rugby skills, Dave Sheenan, from accounts, was talking about Ireland’s 37-27 victory in such a way that would lead someone to believe Sheenan was on the field of play himself and a key part of the victory.

What began as a harmless conversation filled with the usual boring ‘how was your weekend?’ elements descended into a rugby-heavy talk from which Sheenan showed no signs of concluding any time soon, such was his excitement at having not actually played in the match himself.

“But that’s what we’re like, resilient and we’ve not had a focus like this for some time,” Sheenan said, refusing to yield his use of ‘we’ for something he played no part in.

“Grinding stuff out, that’s us in a nutshell, we’ve matured nicely as a team. Did you that run from Earls, we were electric,” Sheenan remarked, now grabbing a stapler from your desk to use as a substitute for a ball.

“We’re just so pacy, I’d be confident we can dig in and get wins against the Scots, then put England to the sword,” Sheenan added with such seriousness it wasn’t clear whether or not he knew he was not actually part of the squad.

Trying desperately to interject and bring an end to the conversation by excusing yourself off to lunch, Sheenan excitedly confirmed he would join you stating ‘we haven’t talked about the Scotland England game yet’.