Report Reveals Children Living In Poverty Will Probably Be In Next Year’s Report Too


A REPORT which highlights the plight of a startling number of children trapped in poverty in Ireland every day, and the lack of government led solutions has made an immediate impact on the general public with many confessing that they will be just as angry this time next year when the next annual report confirms the children are still enduring the same deprivation.

“I’ve heard as many as 1 in 7 children in Ireland suffer neglect or live in poverty and that the level of consistent child poverty has doubled in the last decade, something has to be done about this,” remarked one gobsmacked member of the public, who obviously didn’t read last year’s report which detailed the same problems and the same inaction from the government.

It is believed none of the facts contained in the report will likely matter as children can’t currently vote for Fine Gael, and with the economy going from strength to strength, technically speaking, these problems don’t actually exist.

“Yeah who are we kidding, this shower isn’t going to put in the investment needed when it can go to some multinational’s tax break appeal fund,” explained one author of the report, who was beginning to wonder why she even bothers anymore.

In recent weeks in an addition to plea from experts to pressure government into addressing children’s exposure to excessive internet use and the awaiting spike in problems relating to this, the Children’s Rights Alliance has given the government a ‘D’ grade on their performance in regards to looking after the welfare of children, with 7,000 children on a waiting list to see psychologists.

Such news and fresh information has galvanised the public into realising that they will read near identical troubling information this time next year when the next report details how nothing has changed for the better.

“The government and its various departments do tireless work which results in many positive stories which none of you lot in the media report on because we’re never able to actually provide any concrete examples,” one government spokesperson told WWN earlier today when shredding the report on child poverty.

“Anyway, same time and date next year for this chit chat on whatever problem it is we’re neglecting today? Cool beans,” concluded the spokesperson as they walked away.