Choosing The Most Offensive Image For Your Pro-Life Campaign Poster


FORCING your opinions on people can sometimes be hard, unforgiving work, as not everyone seems to be as well educated and informed on the inner workings of modern day society as you, so choosing the right disturbing image to sway their underdeveloped minds is key to winning this farce of a referendum.

Compiled below are some key campaign poster guidelines every pro-life supporter should read before setting out on the campaign trail.

The Aborted Foetus

This tried and tested imagery is an old favourite of many a pro-life group and it really packs a punch. Best kept for big marches, these posters must be large and of a high resolution, no lower than 300DPI, to send home the message that people who carry out and opt for this medical procedure are nasty, evil butchers with no regard for human life. Shove the images in people’s faces when they least expect it by placing them in busy city streets, making sure to have no regard for the personal history or viewpoints of the passersby. Remember, this is all about you, and how you personally feel about the subject of abortion, making sure to stick your fingers in your ears when individual cases where the pregnant woman’s life was at risk are put to you. Fob off such stories as “pro-choice propaganda”, while shoving the chopped up foetus picture in their killer faces. “Septicemia” what? Why don’t you just let God handle your poisoned blood and let him decided if you should live or die, murderer! You don’t see the rest of us relying on modern science.

Someone Posing As A Nurse

Sometimes you’ve got to bend the rules a little when it comes to serious situations like a national abortion referendum. And, we’re pretty sure God would overlook something as trivial as using a fake abortion nurse with a pre-planned script to manipulate people with scaremongering tales from the abortion floor, considering all the other things carried out in his name that he has somehow overlooked in the last two thousand odd years. There’s no harm in a little white lie here or there. For example, aren’t those dentists on the toothpaste adverts all actors? Same too with those insurance claim advert people. We’re not technically “lying” lying, it’s a campaign for Christ’s sakes, a multi-million euro campaign funded largely by foreign, right wing christian fundamentalist groups and lobbyists like George Soros. Nothing cloak and dagger here, thank you very much. So yeah, manipulation of the truth is okay as long as it benefits your pro-life agenda. We’ve got your back.

Something That Has Zero Relevance

Have a good look around for some condition you can use to scare people with and dishonestly link to a referendum about removing or keeping the 8th amendment in the constitution. Disabilities are great for tugging on and manipulating the heart strings, especially disabilities that people are born with, like Down syndrome. Sure, our church used to stick people with disabilities into special homes and some were sexually, physically and mentally abused before being dumped into septic tanks, but thankfully Down syndrome kids have finally found their purpose in life: your pro-life campaign poster. Don’t lose focus and try to campaigns for increased supports, funding and outlets for people with disabilities just stick with slapping them on a poster. Obviously, caring for humans after they’re born isn’t our bag, but caring for our point of view being shoved down people’s throats is.

More Aborted Foetuses 

When all else fails, stick to the classics.