4 New Health Fads Worth Starting


WITH a new year comes a new focus and determination to get that little bit healthier and this year will prove no different for many people around the world.

WWN Health is all too familiar with the mistakes people make choosing the wrong exercise regime or diet fad that just can’t sustain itself and will see someone crash and burn and go back to their old habits.

Our healthy selfie taking experts here at WWN don’t want that to happen to you which is why they have compiled a list of 4 solid and worthwhile health fads that you can put all your energy into:

1) SlicEase

An American craze that is taking Instagram by storm thanks to the need for participants to post daily progress pictures of themselves. SlicEase couldn’t be more simple and effective, and it really works! Just slice a bit of your body off every day. This new health kick will see you lose a steady and responsible amount of weight over time, not a sudden drastic loss of weight.

2) Stress

This health fad is really more of an uncontrollable compulsion to worry about everything and drain your body to the point where you lose the odd pound or two. Requires no purchase of new exercise equipment or a blender so this one is for people not looking to spend too much money on themselves and their health kick.

3) AvocaDO

Fresh from the failure of last year’s fad of AvocaDON’T which asked food hipster to stop eating avocados because they were actually turning their skin green, comes the opposite but equally confusing advice. Just eat nothing but avocados. Does it work? Shut up and do what you’re told. Everyone’s doing it, even that celebrity you like that isn’t qualified to give you any nutritional advice, but she’s the only person you seem to fucking listen to.

4) Opti-Maxi-Thighs-Fry-Squat-Cardio-Protein-Machine-Carb-Free

We’re not sure exactly what this one is about, but it has buzzy buzzwords so you know it’s good. Stick a heated frying pan to your thighs as you squat and scream in agony…we think? Don’t worry, just learning the new lingo associated with the diet which can be condensed into the hashtag #TheOMTFSCPMCFLife will help you feel like you’re doing something elitist and cool. Feel smug as your friends ask you ‘what’s the hashtag about?’


Don’t fancy getting healthy but don’t want to miss out on all the associated likes on social media? Just post the occasional picture of weights and salads.