Does The All-Female, Feminist Big Brother Have Any Sexy Ladies? We Investigate


THE news that British broadcaster Channel 5 has started its broadcast of an all-female Celebrity Big Brother was greeted with intrigue by the television viewing public, hoping against hope that the seemingly feminist slant on the reality TV heavyweight might at least contain within it one or two sexy women worth a go in the sack.

You’d think in the year 2018 that this sort of information would be easy to come by, but shockingly it isn’t. So WWN wasted no time in appraising the show and its contestants on the merits of their appearance, safe in the knowledge that the programme’s contribution to the field of research studies, gender and feminism is already assured.

In the hands of a less thorough and diligent broadcaster than Channel 5, such an iteration of the well revered and respected Celebrity Big Brother TV show could resemble a horrific car crash occurring on the scene of a previous car crash of an equally unedifying quality.

However, it is thought by putting women in a room together, the reality TV show will become an invaluable document for future generations to pour over and marvel at, such is the immense contribution it provides to gender studies.

“This all-female edition of Celebrity Big Brother could not have come at a more relevant time, what with all that stuff in Hollywood and that, there’s like merit to whatever we’re doing, it’s totally for a higher purpose. We’re not piggybacking on anything we swear,” read a press release from Channel 5, clearly clutching at whatever straws it could get its hands on.

Now that’s out of the way, onto the women. Any of them worth shagging?

PHWOAR! They haven’t disappointed us here at all, that Ashley James one, you could rub one out to her alright (by rub, we mean both the male and female forms of masturbation, so save your giving out, this is an enlightened publication).

Sex-worthy celeb number two alert! Check out Jess Impiazzi, she’s not bad either. Would she get it? She would. We might have been quick to judge this year’s show but, the all-female slant has given us pause for thought and made us reconsider our preconceptions of reality TV shows in 2018. We thought it would just be filled with wind bags we couldn’t picture in the nip. How wrong were we.

Holy shit! There’s another one too, she’d full on get it the shagtastic, ride-ariffic piece of woman flesh: