“Woo, Christmas Party Tonight,” Reveals Coworker Who Will Later Be Fired For Their Behaviour


EXCITEDLY skipping across the floor in the office of a Waterford based business, one coworker has expressed their delight at the impending Christmas party, completely unaware their future conduct at the festivities will see them fired almost immediately.

Rubbing his hands together with considerable glee, Stephen Handratty (24) loudly proclaimed “woo! Christmas party tonight, can’t bleeding wait boi” to his coworkers, who halfheartedly agreed with his sentiment.

The Christmas party, which will later be labeled ‘a fucking car crash from start to finish’, is believed to have a free bar that will play a central role in Handratty’s sackable offence.

Despite several sleepless nights and 9 polite office wide emails already this week, office HR manager Noleen O’Shroud will still have her Monday taken up entirely by the fallout from the exuberant celebrations.

“This gonna be class, where ya at the one last year? Jaysus, it wasn’t half mental, nearly died of the hangover the next day,” Handratty shared while holding his hand aloft in a bid to partake in multiple high fives with his coworkers.

The termination of Handratty’s employment will come as a blow to his place of work as many of his coworkers will maintain ‘he was always good craic around the office up until that night’.