Evolution: In 20 Million Years Women Will Be Born With Fleece Covering Their Bodies


In twenty million years women will be born with natural fleece blankets covering their bodies.

Scientists are convinced that evolution is heading in that direction.

“It’s inevitable,” says professor in genetics Steve Jones. “Women with a fleece blanket have more chances of being and comfortable when watching series. This form of natural selection will lead to women one day being born with a blanket attached to their skin. It’s simply inefficient for women having to grab a blanket if they’re already wearing it.”

Having an innate blanket is above all the perfect defense mechanism, says Jones.

“The male will incapable of stealing the blanket from the female. Our research indicates that one corner of the blanket will slightly loosened in one corner in order for the male to put his feet there. The female will thus be protected from having to listen to the male’s whining bullshit.”