Amazing! This Student Ignored His Assignment & It Just Wrote Itself


IN WHAT is believed to a world’s first, one Dublin student who has spent much of the past 10 days putting off completing an important college assignment finally sat down to start it at 7am this morning only to find it had written itself in full.

“I’m gobsmacked,” confirmed Dubliner Liam Henny, who, despite first learning of the deadline date for his assignment as many as 8 weeks ago, had engaged in a pattern of putting off beginning to write the essay until just two hours before it was due to be submitted at 9am this morning.

Henny had entered into a long standing bargaining process with himself, which would see him do something fun and care free before then knuckling down and finally starting the essay, which is worth 20% of his final grade in his studies this semester.

“I told myself ‘okay, one more night out on the piss, then it’s essay time’,” Henny explained omitting the fact that his final piss up lasted for 2 months, and during his breaks from his drinking, he managed to rewatch Breaking Bad, go to 5 music gigs, and spend a weekend in Budapest with his mates.

Fearing the worst repercussions for the irresponsible delays to starting and finishing his essay, Henny admitted to having something close to a panic attack last night.

“It really got to me when I was watching the first of 7 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpia episodes there last night, which was a few hours before I jumped on the Playstation for evening, but once I properly started shitting myself this morning, it was amazing. The essay had just done itself,” Henny confirmed.

Asked by WWN if he had learned anything from this process, Henny didn’t hold back on where he had gone wrong.

“Turns out if you ignore shit, it actually doesn’t pile up on you, you’re actually grand. Take it from me, I’m living proof”.