List Of Hollywood A-Listers Not Embroiled In Lurid Sex Scandals Down To 4


FOLLOWING the shocking revelations that the Hollywood producer of Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love and Good Will Hunting stands accused of things Hollywood has more or less known about since the early 1990s comes the news just four A-list Hollywood names remain untarnished by a sexual assault scandal.

With movie producing phenom Harvey Weinstein accused of harassing a countless women over the past 20 years, the numbers of men in the equal rights approving industry of movie production without an impending accusation of abusing their position of power has been whittled down to 4.

UPDATE: Actually, that’s now down to three. Man, and we really liked that guy’s TV show too.

“Well, if this isn’t just an utterly depressing reality we all have to live in,” confirmed one budding actress, who informed WWN that it’s only 2 remaining A-listers now after we shared the names with her.

In keeping with the complicit silence of an industry that seems to revel in poking fun at and alluding to rumours of such crimes, WWN feels it would be unfair to out two prominent figures in the movie industry as people who respect their fellow human beings.

“Jesus, whatever you do, don’t share those names. Being outed as a decent person could really harm their careers,” one leading talent agent shared with this publication, “once it’s known they don’t go around groping women, the offers are going to dry up. They might only win one, two Oscars tops”.

In a bid to honour the victims of the latest regretful chapter in Hollywood’s crowded sexual assault book, a director who stands accused of cheating on his wife while professing to be a supporter of feminist causes has bought the film rights to their stories.