Galway Win Some Bullshit Tournament


THERE were embarrassing scenes in Galway this afternoon after the local hurling team won some Mickey Mouse tournament and the whole county forgot how to act like they’d ever been out of the house before.

Word arrived back to the county of Galway that the hurling team had been successful in their quest to be prize dickheads, as the rest of the country got on with their Sunday lives because there’s work tomorrow, or have you all forgotten about that somehow?

As the Galway hurlers took to the podium to receive their ugly battered arsed trophy for hopeless cases, representatives of the other 31 counties took to social media to remind them that there’s such a thing as ‘being a bad winner’.

“Yeah, yeah, so you won some rubbish cup that nobody else wanted, big swinging dickie,” said one Waterford native, who spent the day watching documentaries on Netflix, learning something instead of wasting his precious time with sports.

“Just keep it down and behave yourselves, alright. Christ, you’d swear you fuckers just invented penicillin. Get the fuck back over to Galway and have manners, those Supermacs snack boxes aren’t going to eat themselves you know”.

Meanwhile a quick poll taken among at least a dozen Waterford citizens has confirmed that Galway is a dump, populated solely by stupid people, and that there ‘wouldn’t be a cow milked in Galway for a month’, because they can’t afford cows, because nobody in Galway has a job.