Local Try Hard Who Hasn’t Watched Stranger Things Absolutely Loves Stranger Things


DESPERATE to have someone show him affection or even a modicum of respect, local try hard Damian Greton has claimed to absolutely love Netflix nostalgia-fest Stranger Things.

His die-hard love for the show, which he routinely expresses, has not been compromised by the fact he has never actually watched it.

“I could have picked anything to be fake enthusiastic about. I could have chosen that Justin Timberlake song, or sticking with TV, maybe Narcos or The Crown, even though I’ve no idea what either of them are,” Greton explained, outlining the fact that he merely says he enjoys a variety of things to form a fleeting connection with another human being.

“When Sandra in accounts was saying ‘Stranger Things, it’s like all them Spielberg movies’ awhile back, I just saw the excitement in her eyes, and I dunno, I just needed to experience that with someone too,” shared the 29-year-old, who would have a much better time if he just relaxed.

Listening in on colleagues’ conversations and reading online reactions to the show in recent months, Greton has realised mentioning ‘the Upside Down’ can draw people into exchanges which last about 2 minutes, and stave off thoughts of being alone.