WWN Motoring: Deciding To Not Tax Your Car For Another Month


WELL it’s nearly the end of March, which means the start of April… which means that you’re either going to tax your car or let it sit for another month. You said last month that you’d make sure everything was up to code by the end of March, just like you said you’d get it all done by the end of February… we could go on, but the fact remains; you haven’t taxed your car in nearly a year.

So what now?

1) Tax the fucking thing

This may seem like a valid, straight-forward, law-abiding option, one which will allow you to drive on the road in comfort knowing that even if you round the corner and find a checkpoint waiting for you, you’re 100% in the right and they’ll just wave you on.

However, this option requires you to pay money, so let’s look at some other things you could do:

2) Tip her on

Honestly, how many checkpoints have you seen in the last year? Fuck all, that’s how many. And besides, the cops have more to worry about right now than whether or not your Clio has tax. In fact, you could probably pull up at a checkpoint, hand the guard a half-used air freshener and say ‘that’s for yourself, guard’, and he’d take your hand off and wave you on, the corrupt fuck. Fuck paying tax. Tip her on to fuck.