So Cute! Michael Fassbender Still Believes In The Tooth Fairy, Has Massive Penis


JUST when we thought we couldn’t love Fassbender and his massive member any more than we do, WWN Viral spied an amazing quote from his recent interview in GQ Guatemala about the tooth fairy, which reminded us of the fact Michael has a large mickey.

Total BABE and handsome Irishman Michael Fassbender has news for anyone out there who thought it was impossible to fall even more in love with him; he still believes in the tooth fairy! How cute is that? Combine that with the fact his lad is massive and we’ve got to admit we’re 100% team Fassbender.

“Yeah, every time I head home to Kerry and I lose a tooth, there’s a euro waiting under my pillow,” Fassbender explained in a recent interview which made no mention of how much screen time his penis got in the movie Shame but, come on, we all saw it.

We all want a rugged, thoughtful and intelligent man who at the same time has an innocence to him that means despite the overwhelming evidence presented to him, he still believes in the tooth fairy. Additionally, a massive lad is a bonus which we’re pretty happy about.

“I won’t have anyone telling me the tooth fairy isn’t real,” the actor added, which is just so adorable. It really makes you picture his lad all over again.

We all love him for his work in the X-Men movies, Prometheus, Macbeth, Fish Tank, Hunger and those scenes in Shame in which his manhood is out and about, flapping in the wind, striking against the inside of his thigh with a commanding thud. Like, we said, we just respect his talent and find his belief in the tooth fairy a nice bonus. We could make a pun about how we’d like him to ‘bone us’ but there is more to massive lad than his Michael Fassbender. Shit, you know what we meant to say.