Dublin Landlord Just Going To Ignore 4% Increase Cap On Rent


DESPITE the regulations introduced which prevents landlords from increasing rent levels on properties they let by more than 4% per annum, one Dublin landlord has declared that ‘he doesn’t give a shit’, and will carry on raising the rent as much as he likes, WWN can reveal.

Dublin based landlord and bastard Thomas Crennan has informed the young couple paying €1700 a month for his one bed city centre apartment, that they will be expected to start paying €2100 from the first of next month, due to the fact Crennan knows “no one is going to stop me, we all know it”.

Crennan, to his credit, is exploiting the scarcity of rental properties in Dublin to strong-arm Lisa Carven and Kevin Hick into paying the increased rent, safe in the knowledge that his tenants can’t risk calling his bluff, as he will just evict them.

“See, I can chuck them out and say I’m moving back into the place or doing repairs, or some bullshit,” Crennan explained, “but really I’m just getting in someone else who’s going to pay more. I mean, they could report me to the Residential Tenancy Boards, but what tenant has ever heard of that crowd?”

“I’d feel sorry for them, genuinely, I would but once I saw how money I could get for this shit hole fire hazard of a place I own, my conscience went out the window,” confirmed Crennan.

The landlord also confirmed that he is certain he will be aided by his local letting agent, who is well aware of the illegal rise in rent, but will choose to turn a blind eye in favour of accepting the tough challenge of finding two suitable tenants from as many as 1,000 candidates.