Here’s How To Tell If The CIA Is Hacking Your Phone


MANY PEOPLE HAVE expressed considerable concern after a set of CIA files published by WikiLeaks revealed the US intelligence agency’s hacking capabilities, with the majority of smart phone users becoming potential targets.

In order the alleviate the fears many people are now experiencing WWN spoke to a number of security and tech experts to find out if it’s possible to know if the CIA is hacking your phone.

“First of all, I’d say don’t worry, the CIA is likely not targeting you specifically, it’s just collecting everyone’s data and looking out for some specific words, phrases and patterns,” explained intelligence expert Max Dossena.

“Having said that, it appears the CIA is likely to closely monitor you and your phone’s activity if you have used any of the following letters in a non specific sequence; a-l-l-a-h-u-a-k-b-a-r,” added the expert.

Dossena was unable to explain the relevance or significance of the letters, but speculated some 1.5 billion people could be subjected to phone hacking as a result of using those letters.

“We’d caution anyone else using any of the following sequences of letters as well i-m-a-m-u-s-l-i-m or i-m-g-o-i-n-g-t-o-t-h-e-m-o-s-q-u-e. I’ve been in touch with all my contacts in the intelligence community, but collectively we’ve found it quite hard to understand why the CIA considers these letters, in no special order obviously, so interesting,” Dossena concluded.

Other potential signs that your phone has been hacked include receiving a text from someone claiming to work for the CIA that says ‘saw your nude pics on your phone, you look hot, wanna hang out sometime?’