WOW! It Would Have Been Selena Gomez’s Birthday If She Was Born On This Day!


YOU’LL NEVER look at today’s date the same way again!

This completely blew our minds so we just had to share with you guys! Queen of Instagram and all around babe/we wish she was our BFF, Selena Gomez would have been celebrating her birthday in an epic way if today, the 9th of March, was her b’day.

Obviously, it’s not her birthday today but if a bunch of circumstances were different it could have been, and that’s worth noting and celebrating Selena for.

We always knew there was something special about today’s date and we couldn’t put our finger on it. Selena would totally own being a Pisces, and it’s clear that if her parents conceived her roughly 9 months before March 1992 there would be a strong chance that she could have been a March bambino! Makes you think.

The Weeknd’s beau will be 25 this year on the 22nd of July, but just think about it for a second, if she was born today… she would have been born today.

Which really makes you think about how much she is killing her post-Disney, post-Justin life and career. Preach! You’ve got to respect Selena for not being born today, but also, take a moment to just contemplate if she was a March the 9th gal.

We love Selena even more than before, which was loads by the way, our love for her would like, break any love-o-meter, for reals! Haha, we’re gas!