Garda Commissioner Reckons She’s Got Another 10 Scandals In Her Before She Has To Step Aside


DESPITE the legal team representing Garda whistle blower Maurice McCabe urging the Dept. of Justice to make Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan step down temporarily for the duration of the Disclosure Tribunal, experts have suggested O’Sullivan will feel she has at least another 10 garda scandals left until she has to resign.

Citing her access to the full resources of the Gardaí as a problem, including being able to hand pick a liaison team at Garda HQ which will interact with the Disclosure Tribunal’s request for files, the lawyers are expected to receive a reply which outlines the fact that no one in a position of power in Ireland is pushed until they are good and ready.

“You’re acting like allegedly being aware of false allegations of sexual assault against whistleblowers and then sharing that with the media is a big deal,” explained Irish resignation specialist Henry Mulcahern.

“Any Garda Commissioner should be given the opportunity to really mess up and really bring their position into disrepute before resigning, and we’re simply not at that point yet. We’ve as many as 4 or 5 more scandals to go,” added Mulcahern.

The Dept. of Justice is expected to remain tight lipped on the matter as they scramble in the background in a blind panic, trying to keep O’Sullivan’s position secure to avoid any resignation reflecting badly on the government and forcing a general election they have no interest in having.

“Now, was a government minister’s son or daughter to be given 3 penalty points for driving through a creche at 140mph, sure a Garda Commissioner would have to resign for failing to revoke those points,” concluded the expert.