WWN Motoring: Article Not Ready Yet, Maybe Tomorrow


HELLO! Now, you’re here about the WWN Motoring article, right? Okay. Come over here with us for a second.

Right, so, we took a look at the article, and there was a bit more to it than we thought at first.

Now, we could have written it up, and it would have done you for a while, you’d have a few laughs, that kind of thing. But to be honest, we wouldn’t read it ourselves so we wouldn’t have posted it and expected you to read it. We’re sure you understand.

So look, here’s what it is. The article needs a few more paragraphs. We had one ourselves here, but we had to order in three more. Now the place we ordered them from sent us two right paragraphs, but one that wasn’t right. And the one that was wrong, was for the middle of the article, so it’s not like we could even put in the two correct ones while we were waiting.

We sent back the paragraph that was wrong, and while we were waiting we found out that three more sentences needed fixing. So then when we got back the paragraph that was right, we still had to wait for the three sentences to tie everything together. So there’s that.

Now, what you’re looking at here is tomorrow, at best, and you’re probably looking at late tomorrow. 4 o’clock, maybe 7. Depends on how we get on with a few other articles that we started while we were waiting on this one. So here’s what we’ll do, right, we have your number, we’ll give you a shout when the article is done and if you can get over to the page on time you can read it, otherwise just let it sit until the day after tomorrow.

All this is providing we don’t find anything else wrong in the meantime. These WWN Motoring articles… they’re known for giving a bit of hassle, you know? We don’t know why people bother with them.