Pro Life Group Not All That Interested In Children Once They’re Born


A PRO LIFE GROUP speaking at a meeting of the Citizen’s Assembly this weekend admitted to giving ‘much less of a shit’ about foetuses once they are born.

Citing their relative disinterest in the affairs of children who are either orphaned, in the foster care system, subjected to abuse or live in poverty once they are born, the Respectful Alliance Against Genocidal Women Who Can’t Be Trusted (RAAGWWCBT) explained that when it comes to children their focus is very much on the unborn iteration.

“We have an unending capacity for compassion towards children, which are in the womb of women we frankly can’t trust, but look once they’re born, that’s someone else’s problem,” explained a RAAGWWCBT spokesperson in a calm and measured voice while holding up a sign written in her own blood which spelled out the word ‘murderers’.

“I know, it’s quite surprising, but honestly, I’m really not all that fussed as long as children are born; that’s the important part. If they go on to suffer, that sounds like something those do gooders at Amnesty would look after,” she added.

The neglect of children in Ireland is well documented, with more and more examples of the suffering many have endured coming to light each and every day it is believed organisations like RAAGWWCBT will have to state their complete indifference to such things on a more regular basis.

“Ireland’s adoption system, poverty, violence, deaths once out of the womb, all that stuff is just a million miles away from the issue we’re most passionate about, which is other people’s wombs,” added the spokesperson for RAAGWWCBT, who went on to explain that when asked about such issues in the future they would just smile their odd blank smile until people felt uncomfortable enough to walk away.