Nation Suspends Use Of ‘Proud To Be Irish’ Phrase After Remains Found At Tuam


A LONG standing turn of phrase expressing pride in the achievements of the country of Ireland and its people has been suspended indefinitely, pending a review, after the discovery of the remains of infant children in a septic tank.

The move will see people refrain from using the phrase ‘proud to be Irish’ to express pride following various sporting events, triumphs in the arts or business and for when someone in a GAA jersey is seen in the crowd on US TV.

“Yup, not feeling like it means all that much really, does it? Might just hold off using it until the country earns the phrase,” the Irish public explained, still trying and failing to comprehend the circumstances that led to the deaths and burials of newborn babies and toddlers in a septic tank.

The Commission to Inquire into Mother and Baby Homes has confirmed that remains of children, ranging in age of approximately 35 foetal weeks to 2-3 years have been found on the site of a former mother and baby home in Tuam, prompting an outpouring of grief, shame and anger, as well as significant pause for thought.

“I think it’s best we park the ‘proud to be Irish’ phrase for the foreseeable future, doesn’t really carry any weight anymore, not sure it ever did now I think about it,” added the Irish public, barely able to complete a full sentence, such were the horrors it was again confronted with.

It is unclear when the phrase will be reintroduced into circulation, if ever.

Elsewhere, a local church apologist confirmed he will be waiting for the full facts of the case before blaming the Catholic Church, while also pointing out ‘now is not the time for point scoring against a religious organisation which has shown itself in Ireland, time and time again, to be violent, misogynistic, and sociopathic in its words and actions’.