How To Spend Your Water Charges Refund


DID you pay your water charges? Then cha-ching; you’re in for a nice surprise this summer, as the government begins the process of refunding around €200-€350 to each of the households that paid the onerous charge last year.

With all that sweet extra cash back in your pocket, you might be thinking what’s the best way to spend it. Well:

1) A Nintendo Switch

The news comes just as Nintendo release its latest console, the portable/home system hybrid known as Switch. At 300 bucks, you could grab yourself some gaming goodness and not spend a penny of your own cash!

2) A Nokia 3310

Have you seen these new Nokia 3310s? Damn, they look sweet. 300 bucks should see you right for one when they hit the shelves later this year.

3) A good night out

Go on, you deserve it. you scrimped and saved last year to pay your damn water bill, so why not have a good blow-out now that the money has been returned to you? A steak dinner, a feed of pints, hit the nightclub… you deserve it.

4) Get your car fixed up

That rattle in the driver side rear wheel? You can finally afford to get that sorted out now that the government has seen the error of water charges and given you back money that it should never have taken from you in the first place!

5) Put it in the bank so that you have a buffer of extra cash against whatever stealth tax is introduced in this year’s budget as the government spitefully find some indirect way to get you to pay for water services without you having a leg to stand on