Trump Supporters To Ignore Dam Evacuation Order As Climate Change Isn’t Real


A LARGE SCALE evacuation in California of over 180,000 people due to the bursting of America’s largest dam has left Trump supporters in the area unaffected due to the lack of credible evidence to suggest climate change is real, WWN has learned.

All damage and destruction relating to the vast torrents of water now cascading down from the dam is set to leave homes and properties owned by Republican voters untouched, owing to the fact that occurrences such as flooding due to unseasonable high volumes of rainfall after years of drought are mere fabrications dreamt up by effeminate left-leaning scientists.

“I think we’re just fine staying put,” shared Trump supporter and Oroville, California resident Neil Shute as water smashed through the windows at the front of his house, “show me all the peer-reviewed papers showing me that my lungs are filling up with water but that don’t change the way I feel about it,” Shute added shortly before drowning.

As California state agencies rush to hasten the evacuation of towns and cities in and around Oroville, many spoke of their relief that a number of residents will be unaffected by potential flooding.

“It’s great news that climate change, sudden changes in weather or natural disasters only affect those who voted Democrat, otherwise we might have a serious disaster on our hands that could put lives at risk,” one rescuer, Marvin Hilt shared with WWN.

Sources within the Trump administration have said they will do everything in their power to blame the flooding on the media in order to ensure America can be great again.