We Forgot Our Camera At The Grammys, But We’ll Describe The Dresses Anyway


THE stars were out in style at last night’s 57th Grammy Award ceremony, and WWN Fashion was there to capture the highs and lows of it all. Well, we sorta left our camera in our hotel when we left to go to the event, so we don’t actually have any pictures of anyone to show you… but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you full coverage anyways! Here’s what everyone was wearing:


Pop queen Rihanna arrived to the ceremony wearing this black and orange dress/top combo, the dress was big and fluffy and the top was really small, like you could see under her boobs and everything. We really wish we’d gotten a shot of it, because it would have made a really eye-catching pic to put out on the site. It really would have stopped you as you scrolled through your Facebook, grabbing that click. Ah well.


As well as snapping up a load of awards, Adele won over the hearts of many with a stylish green dress. Nice pattern on it. Hard to describe, that’s why we normally just show pictures. Post 10 or 20 pictures, write fuck all, and still call it an article. We have it down to an art… when we remember our camera. Sorry. Drink had been taken.

Demi Lovato

Oh boy, you should have seen the state of Demi Lovato last night. What the Christ was she thinking. If we had a picture, we could post it and then have a right old laugh about how bad she looked. We wouldn’t even have to write anything; just post a ‘thumbs down’ beside the pic and that’s that. When we actually have to write it out, it just sounds like we’re being really mean.

Lady Gaga

Gaga kept up her record of showing up to awards ceremonies in shocking outfits. Words don’t do her outfit justice. Which is a pity, because it’s all we have right now. Without pictures, none of this means anything. It’s almost as if fashion journalism has absolutely nothing of merit to say.


A dress of some kind. Note to self; never leave the house without the camera again.