Kim Jong Un Challenges Trump To A Rocket Measuring Contest


WORRY has been expressed at the highest levels within the UN following the successful test of a ballistic missile by North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un, who went on to issue a stark and distressing ‘missile launching contest’ invite to US President Donald Trump.

It is believed the UN fears that both massively insecure leaders could blindly lead the world into a very avoidable nuclear war if President Trump accepts the challenge to his wafer thin ego.

“But, why not say you both have big missiles and just forget all about this, huh?” France’s representative at the UN urged, as rumours swirled that President Trump spent much of the morning pressing 1 of 189 red decoy nuclear launch buttons placed around the White House, set up by military personnel seeking to avoid a nuclear apocalypse.

Privately all member states at the UN have written to the US President to shower his military arsenal with praise, admiring the girth, length and power of all his nuclear warheads in a bid to stifle any anger that might arise from Jong Un’s challenge.

“I knew your military might was big, but I had no idea it was that big,” one South Korean official remarked, fully aware his own country would be collateral damage in any missile measuring contest.

Despite the well documented poverty within North Korea and questions surrounding just how advanced its ballistic system, many experts believe Trump will not be able to see reason where his ego is challenged and will happily set off World War III in a bid to reassure himself he has a nice big missile, larger than most.

“‘He is an overweight leader of a country which admires him despite his rank incompetence, wild temper and awful haircut, Donald Trump was always going to take Kim Jong Un’s irresponsible challenge,” lamented White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.