Last Loaf Of Bread In Ireland Found In Waterford Spar


DURING scenes of food shortage not seen since Russia in the eighties, WWN can reveal that the last remaining sliced pan in the country can be found in a Waterford city centre branch of Spar.

The sliced pan, said to be of regular size, is officially the last loaf of bread in the country following the emergence of millions of ‘last-minute’ shoppers who swarmed supermarkets after realising that it would be one full day before their next chance to buy groceries.

With milk and eggs sold out almost instantly, customers turned to bread as the next ‘must-have’ item, despite having enough food in their houses already to last them through to January.

Bosses at the Waterford Spar were reluctant to announce the fact that they had the last loaf of bread, and are now preparing themselves for the onslaught of thousands of desperate shoppers.

“We felt we had to announce it on our Facebook page, even though it means certain death for our staff” said a spokesperson for Spar.

“All across the country, people are sacrificing their babies for cans of beans. And who could blame them? The shops are shut for Christmas day. Who knows when you’ll ever see bread again?”

Stay with WWN as we bring you the latest updates and info on food availability throughout the night.