WWN Guide To Proposing Over The Christmas


THE FESTIVE period is without doubt the most popular time for people when it comes to locking themselves into a commitment they’re not entirely sure they’re ready for, but sure, they’re getting to that age.

Unsure as how to drop to one knee and utter the words? WWN is on hand to demystify all things marriage proposals:

You’d want to be doing it fairly sharpish

How long have you been going out at this rate? 4 or 5 years? And you’ve got to allow your future spouse ample time to post a picture of the ring on their finger. If you delay proposing until the 23rd or, Jesus, the 24th their joyous status will be buried by the usual flurry of friend statuses wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

What took you so long?

C’mon, Julie and Mark got engaged last year and they were only going out a year. And you seemed to think ‘I know we’ve been going out 5 years, but what’s another 12 months of torment living in engagement limbo with my partner’. We mean, obviously, congratulations, but seriously, you couldn’t have gotten the finger out sooner?

Don’t half ass it

Renting out the top floor of the Guinness Storehouse to secure a stunning vista of Dublin, hiring a plane to sky-write ‘will you marry me’, covering the city in fake snow for a modest price of €200,000, flying in your girlfriend’s sister from Australia for Xmas, paying off her parent’s mortgage. Eh, nice start, but any chance you’re going to put some thought into this? Up. Your. Game. Pal.

Perspective is important

Having said all that, Argos is great value for jewellery.