Local Woman Refusing To Give Comfiest Fitting Bra A Day Off


A WOMAN hailing from the Waterford area of Europe has continued to defy conventional hygiene standards by failing to give her comfiest bra the day off, for what it now a record 14th day in a row.

Anna Towlin, 28, recently confirmed to herself that it was pointless wearing any bra other than her flesh coloured padded bra as it was unquestionably the comfiest bra she has ever owned.

“I’ve given it a wash in between like, one of the evenings, I’m pretty sure,” Towlin explained, not sounding all that convinced by her own words.

Towlin long into an established routine of removing her bra altogether seconds after coming home from work, has sought to streamline and enhance her routine further with slavish loyalty to her €6 bra from Penney’s.

“You can’t beat it, there’s no wire trying to stab me, it’s not dragging my boobs up to the heavens, they sit just right and I’m not going to compromise that comfort by giving the bra a day off. That’s madness,” confirmed the accountant.

Towlin conceded that the wearing of the bra, day after day, was helped by the fact she didn’t feel compelled to wear ‘anything fancy’ for the current guy she is seeing, as she ‘wasn’t all that fussed about him anyway’.