Dublin Council Criticised For Turning On Xmas Lights Way Too Late


AN ANGRY mob of Christmas shoppers descended on Grafton Street yesterday evening to protest what some are calling ‘the insultingly late’ date for the annual turning on of the Christmas lights, WWN can reveal.

What had at first appeared to be a warm crowd hoping to witness the event soon turned sinister in nature with many chanting for the firing of several council employees.

The 13th of November, a key date in the Christmas period, was chosen by Dublin City Council as the date on which they would usher in Christmas, but the ceremony had to be shut down early as the crowd, enraged at how the council had left it so late in the year, turned violent.

“I think it’s a disgrace that as an Irish citizen I was walking in town on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of November without Christmas lights on. It’s a fucking travesty is what it is,” shared local Alan Healy, who had taken to dressing head to toe in Christmas lights to counteract the lack of Christmas cheer in the city.

Dublin council defended their decision by pointing out the lights cannot be turned on until the first a person is driven insane by Christmas ads which now dominate TV.

“This year took a little longer, but I think it was a Laois woman who lost the plot after seeing the same Tesco ad for the 50th time that day,” shared council official Aine Kilbride.

The council confirmed that in an ideal world they would turn on the Christmas lights in an over the top ceremony once a week from the beginning of August.

“Some people forget that August, September, October and November are part of Christmas and it is our job to hammer people over the head with it until they want to commit acts of violence against us,” added Kilbride.