“My Trampoline Addiction Hell” Buster The Boxer Tells All


THE STAR of a heartwarming Christmas ad which is bringing joy to countless millions, Buster the boxer was thrust into the limelight and our hearts earlier this week.

Despite being universally loved ever since he leapt onto a trampoline on our TV screens, Buster hides a terrible struggle which still affects him to this day.

Barking exclusively to WWN through an interpreter, Buster told us that there was more to his trampoline hijinks than meets the eye.

“It’s an addiction,” the adorable dog explained, “you’re always chasing the buzz of your first bounce. I loved it, I still can’t enough of it. But it’s tearing my life apart”.

Such was Buster’s preoccupation with the trampoline, he lost interest in walks and even stopped marking his territory.

“There was a time you couldn’t stop me from pissing on a tree. You name a tree in my area and I’ve cocked a leg over it, but once I took to bouncing nothing else mattered, I even lost contact with my mates in the dog park. My life is being controlled by this addiction,” woofed Buster, flanked by his owners.

Distraught, his owners contemplated removing the trampoline, but Buster would growl at any mention of it.

Cautioning all owners and dogs not to make the mistakes he has made, Buster warned that there are many gateway hobbies which can lead to an all out trampoline addiction.

“Tennis balls, they seemed fun at the time, but I see now that my constant fetching of them was a troubling sign of things to come”.