How This Man Lost 3 Stone In 10 Minutes By Just Chopping Off His Own Leg


FOR most of his adult life Damien Toomey has battled with a range of obesity related health issues and was even told by his GP last year that he had just months to live if he did not change his lifestyle.

Toomey, who worked as retail security guard, was shocked to hear the devastating news and decided to take immediate action following his diagnosis, vowing to his family that he was not going to die.

“I was only 58-years-old when my doctor told me I was so fat I was going to die,” Toomey explains, “My daughter was getting married a few weeks later and I was in an awful state. What if I died before the wedding? Who would lead her up the aisle?”

Taking matters into his own hands, the grandson-of-four decided enough was enough and began trying out a series of diets, including the Atkins diet, the 5:2 diet and even went as far as to become vegan for a week.

“It was hell on earth,” he said, “Imagine not eating meat for a whole day, not mind say a week. I became very depressed and I nearly gave up. Then I had a light bulb moment in Woodies hardware store”.

While shopping with his wife for ‘nice coloured stones for his future allotment’, he spotted a large saw for cutting tree branches that was on sale for €29:99.

“The irony of shopping for stones for my grave and then coming up with a possible solution to my weight loss was a moment I will never forget,” he added, “I told my wife Peggy to drop the bag of stones and grab some industrial cable ties, while I picked up the saw. At that moment I knew I was going to beat obesity”.

On the 23rd of November 2015, Damien Toomey returned home from the hardware store and prepared himself.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds,” he recalls, now rubbing his stump, remembering the pain, “We had to tie those cable ties good and tight before hacking into my femur. The doctor said I needed to lose three stone, so I estimated halfway up the thigh would be enough, and I was spot on”.

In fact, Mr. Toomey sawed off almost 3 and a half stone of leg in weight, putting his BMI right back down to a stable 32.

“You should have seen the doctor’s face when he saw me. He was absolutely delighted I had lost so much weight, so quickly,” he said, “I don’t even have to work anymore. I’m delighted with the results and I’m looking forward to my healthy new life”.

Since losing three stone, and his leg, Damien now enjoys spending his time with his married daughter and his first grandchild, Charlie.

“I just want to let people know there is always a solution. Don’t ever give up” He concluded.